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Newbie Paludarium


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I honestly feel that it is the year of the Paludarium or even Riparium. I need to learn more about the difference between the two.  This was ridiculously cheap, and it practically takes care of itself. You need a tank, a top, a light and some gravel, and whatever else you want, then moss and planst to adhere or live near. The key is maintaining humidity which so far in a 5 gallon experiment has been easy. I have a glass top with a plastic flap so I just seal the sucker almost all the way except for a crack for air and that helps keep condensation off the glass.

So far the most fun I’m having is watching java moss grow. Underwater java moss is a let down for me most the time, it always gets webby and tangly (like bottom right), but growing above the water is whole other vibe (ground left), they get all organized and grass like. But even cooler then grass because each blade is made up of so many little mossy fern like blades. Anubias nana scattered around some totally submerged some not. Also baby tears, those are pretty new and I’m not sure how they will react to being planted above the water. So far it looks like the new leaves come out tinnier, this is going to be interesting.